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Our Trademark Disposable Exhibits are a unique option that are second to none. We manipulate a disposable, light-weight material that offers an affordable custom solution with infinite possibilities. Some of the benefits of using our trademark Disposable Walls....

Tart Collection 2
Tart Collection 1
Likely 2
Piper 1
Majestic 4
Majestic 1
Likely 1
Eponym 7
Feel The Piece 1
Feel The Piece 2
Eponym 6
Eponym 4
Eponym 2
Eponym 3
Eponym 1
EF Collection 3
EF Collection 1
Devlin 2
Devlin 1
1State CeCe 1
1State CeCe 3
1State CeCe 2

- Looks like a Hard Wall exhibit (without the initial investment)

- Change Your Booth Style With Each Season. Capable of changing booth size, color, & layout with each show.

- No Commitment. One Time Use. Does not require crating + storage.

- Can make adjustments to future designs. Clients determine what size, display options, racking & shelving works best for their needs. 

- Versatile. Supports hanging clothes (rod), shelving, built-in mirrors, monitors...

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